I wanna go... (Langkawi, Malaysia)

There are so many places to travel outside of the United States, some people may never see.. Langkawi, Malaysia is a place I've never heard of before but the pictures sold me. It is an island a part of 99 islands separated from Malaysia. They only have a 3 month dry season (December - February) , and all the other months it rains heavily. Which is why their rainforest is lasting so long it gets nurtured by the rain. 

Gunung Raya and Gunung Machincang, Langkawi’s are the highest mountains, there are tours and you will be able to see a lot of wildlife. 

There are also cable cars so you can see the whole island from above! It is only 15 minutes long but it covers everything you'd need to see about the island.

Once, the cable car tour is over, the skybridge would be the next step. 700 meters above sea level, you can walk across the island in the sky. 


It's very important to obtain a passport to be able to experience these adventures!