I'm Black & I'm Proud Vol. 2

Asata Shakur.... Her government name is JoAnne Deborah Byron, born on July 16, 1947. She is an African-American activist and former member of the Black Panther Party. She was such a powerful woman she was targeted by the New Jersey Police. In May 1973, she was involved in a shootout which one officer was killed and the other shot. She was charged with the murder and assault and sent to prison. That wasn't it, they also charged her with armed robbery, bank robbery and kidnapping. Sounds like they were trying to keep her contained and take her power from the outside. 

But you cant hold a black woman down. In 1979, Asata escaped from prison! She was on the run for five years she was on the run until she received political asylum in Cuba. The FBI put her on the most wanted list, with a reward of 2 million dollars.... but why hasn't she been turned in?

Cuba is known for their relationship with the African-American community, Fidel Castro and Malcom X worked on finding ways to keep that relationship afloat. Cuba wanted to eliminate institutional racism and by turning her in, would go against everything their country has stood for.